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How much does asphalt paving cost?

Answer: There is a wide range of prices most often between $2.00 – $4.00 per sq ft. In our area it is generally less expensive than concrete.

Can my old asphalt driveway be repaired?

Answer: There are many driveway repairs that can be made to improve and lengthen the life of driveways and parking lots. Although, in some situations replacing the driveway or parking lot is more cost effective in the long run.

What is the life expectancy of asphalt pavement?

Answer: There are many variables like traffic and ground conditions to name a few, that will affect the overall life of asphalt pavement in Wisconsin, pavement can last anywhere from 15 to 40 years.

How long does the asphalt parking lot paving construction process take?

Answer: One of the many benefits of hot mix asphalt is that it generally will not interrupt your schedule too much. Many hot mix asphalt projects can be completed in 1-2 days.

When is the best time to get asphalt work done?

Answer: The busiest asphalt months are between June and September for driveways and parking lot paving, but it really just depends on the weather.

What does a driveway replacement cost?

Answer: Most driveway replacements cost between $2.00 – $4.00 per sq ft depending on a number of different factors. Smaller residential driveways often cost between $3000 – $5000.

What is Pervious Pavement?

Answer: Porous Pavement (aka pervious pavement or permeable pavement) is pavement that allows the water to drain directly through the surface and into the ground below. The ground below would normally be prepared with a gravel base layer that can hold the appropriate amount of water and then drain into the ground beneath. Porous pavements have not been used as much even though available many times due to the increased costs to install.

What are the advantages of Pervious Pavement?

Answer: The main advantage for porous pavement (pervious pavement )is that it stops surface runoff from polluting our lakes and streams. This runoff is one of the leading causes of pollution in the world today. Porous pavements are usually used in areas where there is very little natural landscape to soak up the rains. When used in situations where there is adequate natural landscape to direct the water into where it can filter down through the soils, then there may not be an environmental benefit in that situation. (i.e. rural driveway areas and walkways or pathways through parks)

What is Hot Mix Asphalt?

Answer: Hot mix asphalt is a mixture of liquid asphalt and sand and gravel. Liquid asphalt is a naturally occurring product in certain areas and is also known as pitch, tar, or hot oil and has been used for many centuries dating back to the B.C.E era of human history for brick making. Most liquid asphalt used today comes as a byproduct of crude oil refining.

What are advantages of using hot mix asphalt for parking lot paving, road paving, asphalt driveway repair?

  1. Hot mix asphalt is a good product for Wisconsin winters, because it’s less prone to frost heaves than concrete and cheaper to repair. Asphalt paving cost is lower than the alternatives.
  2. Asphalt paving cost is lower than concrete.
  3. Snow melts much faster on asphalt paving than concrete and salt does not affect the asphalt.
  4. Decorative asphalt, stamped asphalt, can be done at usually half the cost of any other decorative brick options.
  5. It is easier on your body and joints while running, walking and playing than harder surfaces like concrete.
  6. Overlay options are sometimes a good idea and can save thousands!!
  7. Little to no maintenance is required, depending on the project.
  8. Go Green! Not only is the asphalt paving cost low, asphalt is 100% recyclable and is now the most recycled product in the world!

What is Stamped Asphalt?

Answer: Stamped asphalt or decorative asphalt is where we make impressions in warm asphalt to look like brick or stone, and then apply a epoxy coating to give it coloring.

What are the advantages of Stamped Asphalt?

Answer: One of the biggest advantages is this is usually the least expensive way to get a real brick or stone look. It is a better product to handle Madison and Central Wisconsin winters since asphalt pavement is flexible and can expand and contract with the temperatures. Stamped asphalt is also not damaged by salt such as can be the case with the concrete version of this product.

Do you perform road paving in addition to parking lot paving?

Answer: We do private road paving and some municipal patching but we do not perform work on major highways nor do we do paving for city streets. Most of our work is for the private sector doing parking lots and driveways.